oasis – wonderwall (live) [video]

a great tune from a great era. enjoy.


miriam makeba – chove chuva (live) [video]

filmed way back in ’66 – the very year of my “hatching“. 😛

james pants – we’re through (live) [video]

me theenks that i might have posted this before – but johnny loves to re-post the finest of the best. soooo… here’s some of that aforementioned “best”. this dude is one drummin’ fool! 😉

luther vandross – take you out (live) [video]

and here is the guy who was singing backup in that 1974 david bowie video that i just posted – albeit a few years later, towards the end of his life. this is proof-positive that big guys can be true players, too. 🙂

david bowie – young americans (live) [video]

i just knew the day would finally come where i’d have the chance to sneak some good ol’ luther vandross into the lounge – and this is it. a live david bowie performance on a 1974 episode of the dick cavett show – with luther vandross singing backup vocals! 🙂

lindsey buckingham – trouble (video) [live]

recorded live about ten years ago. this one goes out to king weehonker

my morning jacket – tyrone (live w/ erykah badu)

mmj performing erykah badu‘s legendary “tyrone” live with erykah herself! word to the weehonker