ladies n’ germs, the ~omnipotent~ LELAND SKLAR!! **roaring applause**

did i just hear you ask who this “leland sklar” fella is? welp, i know for darned sure that the king said: thankew, freeport!!… 😛

i can’t blame you at all for wondering who leland be…

until mere moments ago, i would have had absolutely no clue as to who he was, either. it finally took my watching the james taylor / jd souther promo video for “her town too” – a classic cut that i have heard on the ray-did-eee-oh and seen on mtv / vh1 / etc countless times – before i finally asked myself “hoo da heck is that incredible bassist with the distincively long beard?…”

so i went on a google quest. i typed in “1970’s session bassist with the beard” and wham-bam – thankew lamb, up came the name and picture of just the guy i was a-lookin’ for. good ol’ leland sklar. even though you most likely have never heard the name, you have quite certainly heard his bass-work before… this guy played bass for everything that was anything, from the mid-60’s onward.

here, have a look-see at some of the “selected albums” he has “bassed” on (via wikipedia):

click me riiiiight here

this is what leland looked like way back “then“:

and here he is much more recently:

leland sklar bassist with beard going crazy

if you actually sat there and read all of this leland-related spoo, you deserve an actual sample of some of mister sklar’s finest bass mastery. so right at this very moment i am happy to present the song “her town too” by james taylor and jd souther, all cued up n’ ready to go as the current first song over on the good ol’ keith byrd memorial jukebox.

so just sit back, take a deep breath and relax while leland schools the world on bass guitar…

leland sklar – american bass master


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