dead milkmen – punk rock girl (1988) [video]

one saturday i took a walk to zipperhead… 🙂


7 responses to “dead milkmen – punk rock girl (1988) [video]

    • i’ve seen this video a billion times – i’ve loved this one right from the time it was released. and i even worked as a radio disc jockey off and on during my younger days… yet i never noticed this cali dreamin’ / beach boys thing until you pointed it out. dang… lol! thanks for pointing this out. i’m sure that mama cass would let you have a bite of her sammich, if she were here today… 😛

      • This blows my mind–who could pass up such a substantial sandwich on a flavorful sub, with the ethereal image of Cass hovering nearby? Perhaps the Long Island Medium could join in to give us the exact details of her demise. What a way to go, and not even make it to 33! At least she didn’t choke on “fudge banana swirl.”

      • hey kerbey, a friend of mine also pointed out this little fact: the “asylum” where the dead milkmen filmed this video is the very same institution where “twelve monkeys” was filmed a few years later. this location was formerly eastern state prison in pennsylvania. kinda makes sense seeing how the video itself was about philly. (“zipperhead” was a punk shop in philly…) good stuffs! 🙂

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