uncyclopedia: skrillex

uncyclopedia: skrillex

If I could think of a single flaw, it would be that Skrillex is a very clumsy man. However, this makes him very good at wobbling basses. Don’t ever give him a bass and expect it to be safe in his hands. He can wobble a bass like Michael J Fox wobbles a can of soup in the afternoon. If you ever need a bass wobbled, Skrillex is your man. BWAH WAH BUBUBUB UBUBU WUWUWUBU WUBUWU BUWBUUW BUBBUB WUB WUB


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    • yo, random netizen / wordpresser! i just clicked my original link (skrillex @ uncyclopedia.wikia.com) and it still works fine. i never new they had a *.co domain, so thanks for that info! have a good friday, eh? 🙂

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