ebn – we will rock you / behavior modification

dunno if dan & brenda remember a certain party (about 20 years back) which involved the two front apartments on my ma’s quad-ranch over there by alpine and harrison – but we had all the tv’s cabled together to one vcr and we were playing a tape that one kevin cronin (aka “kevin-11”) had pieced together…

it was all various footage of people having very bad days in some very bad ways, and both you and brenda seemed pretty into it. she was asking kevin allllll kinds of questions regarding where the footage came from and what it meant to kevin when he used it…

anyhoo, i think that it was clips such as this one im’-a sharin’ with you here right now that served as “inspiration” to that footage kevin had assembled for our entertainment that night… by the way, i do believe he called that reel “have a nice day”. lmao! ahhhhhh, memories. 😉


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